Investing 101: Don’t Fall Victim to Fraudulent Stock Promotions

You know that stock investing comes with risks. Along with anticipated risks associated with the nature of stock trading, you also face risks associated with fraud. Some of the most widespread forms of stock fraud are carried out through fraudulent stock promotions. What Are Fraudulent Stock Promotions? In fraudulent stock promotion scams, fraudsters hype a […]

Senior Investor Alert: 5 Easy Ways to Spot Scams Targeting Your Nest Egg

If you’re a senior investor, you’ve likely been planning and saving for years to build your portfolio. You have rightfully earned everything you have accrued over the years and you deserve to realize the fruits of that labor in your golden years. Unfortunately, your nest egg marks you as a target for investment fraud. Scammers […]

5 Common Investment Rules You Should Be Following

Investment advice comes from everywhere… even if you don’t ask for it. Everybody thinks they’ve got “the answer” when it comes to investing and everybody wants to share their secret to success. That’s why you’ve likely been offered quite a few tidbits of investing advice from everyone from your cousin to your neighbor. The truth […]

SEC Publishes New Guidelines for Disclosing Cybersecurity Risks to Investors

Understanding Cybersecurity Risks In today’s digital age, the use of technology to facilitate investments has become largely commonplace. We can see many examples of how investing has moved to the cyber-realm from online investing platforms to robo-advisers. While this has greatly empowered investors to take more direct control over their investment strategy, it has also […]

Wells Fargo’s Wealth-Management Business Under Scrutiny

Industry watchdogs turn their focus on Wells’ wealth-management services It seems that we may not have yet seen the end of the Wells Fargo accounts scandal. The Justice Department has taken an increased interest in Wells Fargo’s wealth-management unit following whistle-blower claims that the bank’s wealth-management customers have been affected. According to a Wall Street […]

Fair Lending Enforcement Roll-Backs at CFPB Could be Sign of Changing Times

Could this be the beginning of the end of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as we know it? This month The Trump administration, through acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney, announced sizeable restrictions to CFPB’s enforcement and day-to-day oversight of the financial industry’s fair lending practices. The move comes shortly after Mulvaney was installed as Acting […]

My Big Co(i)n: Cryptocurrency Scams Play on Same Old Tricks

Bitcoin – Big Coin – Bitcoin – Big Coin… Read that over a few times. Are those two words beginning to sound similar? That’s what the founders of My Big Coin, Inc. were hoping when they created their cryptocurrency investment offering. The Nevada-based company has been accused of defrauding investors hoping to cash-in on the […]

Regulators’ Concerns Grow Amid Cryptocurrency Investing Boom

“Cryptocurrency”, “blockchain” These are the buzz words among investors as we head into 2018. Building on the success and popularity of Bitcoin – which seems to be hitting new record highs every week – has caused a stir among investors, and it’s getting the attention of businesses. As investors look to find out how they […]

Investing 101: Wrap Fees Explained

If you’ve looked into hiring an investment adviser or advisory firm to help manage your investments, you may have seen some offer various advisory services bundled together under one comprehensive fee. These types of service fees are called wrap fees and are offered as sponsored packages by many advisory firms. With wrap fee programs, your […]

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