Investment Loss Recovery For Stock Market Losses

Investment professionals are held to some standard of due care. As a result, if they provide you fraudulent information or reckless advice, you may be able to recover damages. To learn how you can recover in your case, you will want to talk to a Stock Loss Attorney in Tampa at Savage Villoch Law, PLLC.

Potential Causes of Action

There are many causes of action that an investor may have against a financial advisor or financial professional. Some common causes of action that a Stock Loss Attorney in Tampa has experience with include:

Negligence. To hold oneself out as a professional or advisor, the investment professional should have some reasonable knowledge about the financial markets and your needs. For example, aggressive trading for someone near retirement may be careless and inappropriate. So may a complete failure to diversify a portfolio be negligent.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty. Most advisers and investment professionals owe their clients a fiduciary duty. In other words, they are supposed to look out for your best interests. When the professional starts putting his or her own interest or the interest of some other third party ahead of you, they may be breaching their fiduciary duty to you.

Misrepresentations and Omissions. Professionals that deliberately misrepresent a transaction or investment may be engaging in negligent misrepresentations or fraudulent misrepresentations.

Other Misconduct. Your investment professional is expected to act in your best interests. The professional may engage in misconduct by engaging in unauthorized transactions, subjecting you to fraud, or engaging in illegal activities like Ponzi schemes.

Contact a Stock Loss Attorney in Tampa

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