Don’t Fall Prey to Investment Fraud Following a Hurricane

When you consider the financial toll of a hurricane or other natural disaster, losses due to investment fraud is most likely not something you would factor in. However investment fraud following a catastrophic natural event is quite prevalent. Many investors have found themselves in hot water after getting involved in investment opportunities related to hurricanes […]

How to Know Short and Distort Manipulation When You See It

You know that the factors affecting an investment’s valuation go behind standard data and metrics. Often, an investment’s value can hinge largely on highly subjective factors, like public perception. The “reputation” of an asset or security can either signal an attractive investment opportunity or drive away investors. You’ve probably heard of pump and dump schemes; […]

Investing 101: Don’t Fall Victim to Fraudulent Stock Promotions

You know that stock investing comes with risks. Along with anticipated risks associated with the nature of stock trading, you also face risks associated with fraud. Some of the most widespread forms of stock fraud are carried out through fraudulent stock promotions. What Are Fraudulent Stock Promotions? In fraudulent stock promotion scams, fraudsters hype a […]

Investor Education: Know Your Order Types Before You Buy and Sell

Maybe you want to make it big as an investor. Maybe you just want a nest egg for retirement or financial security for your family. Whatever the reasons, thousands of Americans everyday make their first steps to becoming active investors. Before hitting the market though, there’s a lot would-be investors need to know; like understanding […]

Why Big Banks Have a Financial Doomsday Plan

Amid the fallout of 2008, when the nation’s banking giants toppled and our economy was sent reeling, Federal legislators and regulators decided that changes were needed. Most of these changes took shape as the Dodd-Frank Act, which provide the framework for much of our current banking regulation and oversight. You’re probably familiar with Dodd-Frank, at […]

SEC Warns of Form 4 Investment Scams

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced that investors should be on the lookout for fraudulent claims using Forms 4. A Form 4 is filed when investment insiders (officers, directors and anyone holding 10% or more in company securities) execute transactions. A Form 4, which must be filed within two days following a transaction, […]

CFPB Database Reveals Wolves of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort may have bestowed the title ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ on himself, but we all know that wolves travel in packs – and it looks like Wall Street is full of them. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) a financial watch-dog group has recently released a database outlining complaints against several of the nation’s […]

Seven Reasons You May Need a Stock Fraud Attorney

When you have a stockbroker handle your investments, you expect that this person won’t violate legal and ethical standards. But sadly, this isn’t always the case, and below are several reasons you may need to hire a stock fraud attorney. Misrepresentation or Omissions In order to know when to buy or sell an investment, clients need […]

How do you know when you need a stock fraud lawyer?

If you have been the victim of broker misconduct, you may be wondering if you need a stock fraud lawyer. Here are just a few things that indicate that you need to obtain the services of an experienced stock fraud lawyer: Your broker was involved in bond fraud & misconduct. If your broker did not […]

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