So you have an expiring Green Card or just want to replace one?  

Here are some key things about properly completing the replacement/renewal process, including Form I-90 – “Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card”

  • Your Green Card is good for 10 years.  If your Green Card expired without you realizing it, the USCIS requires you to prepare and submit Form I-90,
    Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card” as soon as possible.
  • Prepare and file your Form I-90 no more than six months before your Green Card expires because this will help avoid any undue processing delays.  The process takes approximately 4 months to complete.  You can find your expiration date on the front of the Green Card.
  • Remember that an expired Green Card makes it much more difficult to work or to travel and this is especially true in recent months.
  • Form I-90 can be used for many reasons including if: your Green Card was mutilated or destroyed, there is incorrect information on your Green Card, you are changing to commuter status or changing from commuter status.