Fraud and Negligence Protection Explained By a Tampa Stock Fraud Lawyer

The Responsibilities of a Stockbroker or Financial Advisor

When you entrust your investment assets to a stockbroker to manage your investments, an agency relationship is created. Your stockbroker acts as your agent in managing your portfolio.  In many instances this is a fiduciary duty owed to you. It means that your stockbroker must put your interest ahead of their own interests.  As your attorney at a Tampa stock fraud attorney firm can explain, we believe that your stockbroker owes you a duty of competence, prudent investment of your hard earned money and accountability. If you suspect your stockbroker has failed in any of his or her legally enforceable duties, call an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you act, the more options you may have available to you.

Pursuing Legal Action

When you engage the services of a Tampa stock fraud lawyer, your attorney can aggressively pursue a fraud or negligence action on your behalf. Your stockbroker may be liable for negligence if he failed to act in a reasonable manner with regard to your investment money. The stockbroker’s actions may rise to the level of fraud if he or she engaged in willful misconduct. One of the first things your attorney may do is to review your portfolio structure and losses in light of your unique investor profile. Your attorney can review the accounting in detail and help advise you about your next steps toward financial recovery.

If litigation is necessary, a skilled attorney can aggressively pursue an action against the individual broker as well as the brokerage firm as circumstances dictate. The longer you wait to act, the fewer options you may have to seek a remedy. Don’t wait until it is too late. Have an attorney with a proven track record of aggressive pursuit of your claims and many years of experience review – your case to see if you may have a valid claim.

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Listen below on what stock brokers can do wrong to you that warrant legal action: