A well-written contract can help avoid disputes by documenting the parties’ expectations. Below are some tips Tampa contract dispute attorneys offer for minimizing the risk of a contract dispute.

Contract Disputes – Specific Deadlines

A well-drafted contract will include specific deadlines for project completion. Phrases like “work will be completed in a reasonable amount of time” or “work will begin in a few months” are vague and subject to interpretation. The contract should also include a timeline of the project, which will help all parties gauge whether the contract will be completed on time.

Quality of Work Completed

Work done under the contract must be completed on time and correctly. The contract must establish how the quality of the work will be determined. It could be based on passing city or other required inspections, or passing federal safety regulations. Whatever the standard, it must be clearly outlined in the contract.

Early Termination or Opt-out Provisions

It sometimes becomes necessary for one party to terminate the contract before work is completed. An early termination or opt-out provision allows the parties to get out of the contract before a total breach occurs. The contract can provide for partial payment for work completed.

Meet with an Attorney Prior to Signing

Not a provision to include, but perhaps the most important tip of all. Investing the time and money now to have an attorney review the contract can save you tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of legal negotiations later. An experienced contract dispute attorney can point out terms and contract terms that are ambiguous, problematic, or even missing from the contract, which can help avoid disputes during the life of the contract.

Tampa Contract Dispute Attorneys Here to Advise You

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