Florida Business Dispute Resolution Attorney

If you need experienced legal representation for a business dispute, a Florida Business Dispute Resolution Attorney from Savage Villoch Law, PLLC can help. From our office in Tampa Bay, we operate a local, regional and national business and legal practice with an emphasis on client service and delivered results. Call our Tampa law office at 813-251-4890.

Dispute Resolution is an Evolving Process

From communications to arbitrations and trial, business dispute resolution is a continuum. The resolution process evolves with the challenges that each case presents. Therefore, a clear path to resolution that works in one case cannot be expected to serve as the only strategy for dispute. As an experienced business dispute resolution firm, we tailor our services to each client and each case.

Litigation can be time-consuming and costly. Therefore, we believe that litigation is our last resort in resolving business disputes. However, it can help parties involved in a dispute reach creative solutions. Often, when parties become entrenched in their positions, it is only at the moment before trial when clients are ready to contemplate new solutions to old problems.

The Benefit of Mediation

Pre-trial negotiations and mediations are often a way in which the parties can work out a solution that is likely more satisfying than any verdict rendered at trial. Clients maintain control over the amount of time and money put into achieving an agreement and maintain control over the process. In addition, whereas trials are a matter of public record, mediations are kept confidential – which is often essential in business matters.

Effective in Alternative Dispute Resolution

In each case we handle, we seek to help our client find the most efficient and productive solution to the legal challenges he or she faces. The founder of our firm, Attorney Bert Savage, is a business owner with an MBA and a J.D. He has been successfully representing business owners in a variety of business legal matters since 1994. He assists clients in mediation, arbitration or litigation. His depth of knowledge and his practical experience have proven effective in resolving complex business disputes.

In addition, when the situation presents itself, Bert Savage is capable of serving as a neutral mediator.

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