Filing Bankruptcy – Falling Prey to Bankruptcy Scams

Those dealing with mounting debt are often easy prey for scammers who may offer “too good to be true” debt relief plans. Be wary of internet offers, telemarketers or television advertising that seems to offer quick fix solutions for your debt management. Discuss your case with a knowledgeable Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer who can counsel you on legitimate methods for managing your financial issues.

Filing Bankruptcy Mistakes

The process of filing for bankruptcy involves many forms and procedures. If you do not fill out your paperwork properly, your case can be dismissed. Perhaps even worse, if you fail to disclose full and accurate information, you may not get the benefit of a discharge for certain creditors. Let a qualified Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer help.

Extravagant Spending Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

Many are tempted to indulge in spending sprees just before filing for bankruptcy thinking they will be able to discharge the debts anyway. This is not true. The bankruptcy trustee will carefully review spending in the weeks, days and months leading up to the filing. Do not assume last minute binge spending will be forgiven.

Poor Budget Management after Filing Bankruptcy

Many who file do not address their underlying spending and budget management issues that may have led them to bankruptcy in the first place. It’s critical that you adopt sound financial management strategies. Otherwise, you can land in financial trouble all over again at an alarmingly fast rate. Your attorney can discuss strategies with you.

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