Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Who Qualifies for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is the most commonly filed type of bankruptcy. As your chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in Tampa can explain, Chapter 7 filings are primarily for individuals or couples with mostly consumer debt and income that falls within certain parameters.

Common types of consumer debt would be credit card bills, medical bills and the like. Your attorney can review your financial picture and help you determine whether your income level qualifies for a Chapter 7 filing. In the event you are able to avail yourself of Chapter 7 protection, you may be able to discharge a large portion, if not all, of your consumer debt at its conclusion. Your attorney can explain more.

What to Expect from a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Proceeding

When you engage an experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer, he or she will be your advocate. He or she will help you prepare the various documents required to perfect your filing. In most cases, you may only need to appear in court once for a perfunctory debtor’s hearing. Although the process can be very smooth in the long run, it’s critical that you have someone who can help you navigate the red tape associated with filing in court. Mistakes and omissions and routine paperwork requirements can have devastating consequences including a dismissal of your case. Don’t leave it up to chance.  Seek qualified legal help.

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