Stock Frauds: What to Do If You Suspect Your Broker of Misconduct

You trusted your stockbroker with your hard-earned money. And it seemed like a great arrangement…at first. Now, you’re worried that your stockbroker is committing fraud with your investments. You’re not alone. In 2017, 66,873 cases of securities fraud and theft were reported to the United States Sentencing Commission. If you think your broker is committing […]

Don’t Fall Prey to Investment Fraud Following a Hurricane

When you consider the financial toll of a hurricane or other natural disaster, losses due to investment fraud is most likely not something you would factor in. However investment fraud following a catastrophic natural event is quite prevalent. Many investors have found themselves in hot water after getting involved in investment opportunities related to hurricanes […]

How to Know Short and Distort Manipulation When You See It

You know that the factors affecting an investment’s valuation go behind standard data and metrics. Often, an investment’s value can hinge largely on highly subjective factors, like public perception. The “reputation” of an asset or security can either signal an attractive investment opportunity or drive away investors. You’ve probably heard of pump and dump schemes; […]

How Well Do You Know Your Investment Advisor?

Regardless of your investing experience, nobody knows everything there is to know about stock and securities trading. That’s why you have probably enlisted the help of an investment professional, either as a sounding-board for investment decisions or to assist you in facilitating and completing transactions. An investment advisor or a broker-dealer can be a great […]

Does Your Broker Have Your Best Investment Interests in Mind?

When you entrust the the management of your investment portfolio to a broker, that’s a big deal. If you are going to ask someone to assist you in managing your financial future, you are going to want to know that they have your best investment interests at heart. The relationship between you and your broker […]

Investing 101: Don’t Fall Victim to Fraudulent Stock Promotions

You know that stock investing comes with risks. Along with anticipated risks associated with the nature of stock trading, you also face risks associated with fraud. Some of the most widespread forms of stock fraud are carried out through fraudulent stock promotions. What Are Fraudulent Stock Promotions? In fraudulent stock promotion scams, fraudsters hype a […]

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