More Fake Accounts Discovered in Wells Fargo Sales Scandal

Last time we wrote about the Wells Fargo fake accounts scandal, the current figure of roughly 2 million customers affected had just been increased to nearly 3.5 million. What we saw was the uncovering of a scandal that was far more deep-seated than previously thought. Through the creation of unauthorized accounts for various consumer services, […]

Know Before You Invest: Initial Coin Offerings

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are becoming an increasingly popular platform for raising capital these days, especially within the emerging tech industry. ICOs allow companies to offer virtual coins in exchange for capital contributions from investors. You may be more familiar with virtual currency under names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or one of the many other forms […]

Florida Men Charged in Insider Trading Scheme

Two Florida men have been charged with insider trading in relation to a larger investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The investigation uncovered an insider trading scheme spanning from New York to Florida and California. The scheme was perpetuated by a former IT employee of a large, New York bank. The man passed […]

Fed Experts Warn of Slippery Slope of Financial Deregulation

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Is 2008 far enough in our rear-view that we’ve already forgotten the same mistakes that brought the financial industry-and U.S. economy-to the brink of collapse? Evidently, it is for banks and policymakers. You have probably been hearing a lot of talk about impending “reviews” of current financial regulation measures; […]

Beware of Federal Retirement Savings Investment Fraud

The federal government is one of the nation’s largest employers. It employs millions of people; you may even be one of them. One of the largest perks of government employment is access to retirement security. Millions of employees participate in some sort of federal retirement savings or investment plan. The popular Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) […]

Retirement Investing: 2 Alternative Options to a 401(k)

If you’re smart, you are planning for your financial future. Retirement investing is one of the surest methods for building a nest-egg. Most likely, you’re familiar with the concept of retirement investing. Typically, you can direct funds from your personal income into tax-sheltered or tax-deferred accounts. This is known as a 401(k). However, there are […]

Investor Education: Know Your Order Types Before You Buy and Sell

Maybe you want to make it big as an investor. Maybe you just want a nest egg for retirement or financial security for your family. Whatever the reasons, thousands of Americans everyday make their first steps to becoming active investors. Before hitting the market though, there’s a lot would-be investors need to know; like understanding […]

Diversified Portfolio Investor or Salad Bar Investor: Which Are You?

You’ve probably heard the term “diversified portfolio” before. The term brings to mind the image of a robust, varied assortment of assets and securities that not only generate generous returns, but act as a cushion against any one stock or security’s downturn. Everyone wants a diversified portfolio, from fledgling investors to seasoned pros. However, there’s […]

$5.5 Billion Settles One of Two Mortgage-Backed Securities Lawsuits for RBS

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) recently reached a settlement sum of $5.5 billion with the U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) in the agency’s lawsuit. One down, one to go This settles at least one of the the two mortgage-baked securities lawsuits against RBS in U.S. courts. Another lawsuit remains pending with the U.S. […]

Why Big Banks Have a Financial Doomsday Plan

Amid the fallout of 2008, when the nation’s banking giants toppled and our economy was sent reeling, Federal legislators and regulators decided that changes were needed. Most of these changes took shape as the Dodd-Frank Act, which provide the framework for much of our current banking regulation and oversight. You’re probably familiar with Dodd-Frank, at […]

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