Investors Need to Watch Out for Paid-to-Click Fraud

Investors Beware: Paid-to-Click Fraud There’s a new online scam targeting investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued an alert to investors to watch out for Paid-to-Click (PTC) fraud. PTC scams involve fraudsters duping investors out of money for purchasing online advertisements. With Paid-to-Click fraud, investors are targeted by scammers who promise a share […]

Fed Implores Congress to Preserve Key Financial Regulations

In his remarks to Congress, out-going New York Federal Reserve President William Dudley implored lawmakers to preserve and maintain key financial regulation measures in face of growing support for review of standing requirements. Dudley recently announced his decision to retire from his position earlier (mid-2018) than his term allots. According to a Reuters article, part […]

Wells Fargo Offers New Robo-Advising Platform

Banking giant, Wells Fargo, recently rolled out a new robo-advising platform aimed at enticing first-time investors to invest through Wells Fargo-packaged investment offerings. The unveiling of the automated advisory platform marks the latest in a concerted effort by large-scale financial institutions to capitalize on tech-savvy consumers and meet the changing demands of a digital marketplace. […]

(Capital) Loss Can Be Your Gain: Leverage Your Stock Loss into Tax Deductions!

Nobody wants to lose out on an investment, but did you know that stock loss – also known as capital loss – can actually be leveraged into savings on future investments through tax deductions? While it may sound strange, converting stock loss into savings is actually a widely used strategy for many seasoned investors.   […]

Fraud Watch: Beware of Senior Financial Scams

A recent report shows that senior citizens have become one of the largest demographic groups target by financial scams and investment fraud. In the past, we’ve offered tips for preventing elder financial abuse, but it seems that the problem is much more aggressive than just making sure that you take steps to protect your investments. […]

Smart Investing Tips: Cryptocurrency Investing

You’ve probably heard of the popular cryptocurrency investing platform Bitcoin, but what about Ethereum? Or Litecoin? Or Dash? What about platforms like Ripple or Zcash?     A New Frontier Cryptocurrency investing has risen from an underground, financial trading outpost for techies to a full-blown investing phenomenon. Cryptocurrency has emerged as an innovative and major […]

Who’s Watching the Watchdogs? SEC Hack Exposes Critical Financial Regulation Faults

SEC Hack Exposes Critical Security Faults On Thursday, it was announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the nation’s top finance and securities regulator, had experienced a critical cyber security breach. The breach, which occurred in 2016, allowed hackers access to the SEC’s EDGAR system, a database which houses corporate filings and announcements for […]

Ahead of Fed Announcement, Financial Investing on Wall Street Rebounds

Financial Investing Pushes Wall Street Rebound This week, market analysts and investors saw Wall Street regaining upward traction. Dow and S&P indexes soared to record weekly gains, buoyed by a flurry of trading activity. According to a Reuters report, financial investing has been one of the major drivers, followed by industrial and tech. Financials Bank […]

Damages After a Hurricane? Make Sure to Review Your Insurance Settlement

After a catastrophic storm, the first thing you’ll probably do after making sure your loved ones are safe is to go out and assess your property damage. With Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida’s coast, many Floridians are taking steps to secure and protect their property. However, events best storm preparations are not always able […]

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