Comparing one Bankruptcy Lawyer to another in your Area

For most of those who are faced with bankruptcy,  some find it particularly challenging to make an informed decision about the right attorney to hire. However, even when faced with the dire pressure of a financial crisis, it is important to make a cool and collected decision when choosing a lawyer. Avoid Bankruptcy Mills Some […]

A Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains Common Mistakes People Make When Filing

Bankruptcy protection gives debtors a fresh start. But before filing, it is important to know the common mistakes people make during the process. Not Being Truthful  The means test is the first step to filing bankruptcy. It consists of several financial questions that will determine if you can pay your creditors. If you don’t mention all […]

Seven Reasons You May Need a Stock Fraud Attorney

When you have a stockbroker handle your investments, you expect that this person won’t violate legal and ethical standards. But sadly, this isn’t always the case, and below are several reasons you may need to hire a stock fraud attorney. Misrepresentation or Omissions In order to know when to buy or sell an investment, clients need […]

Do You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer Due to High Medical Bills?

The rising cost of healthcare is one of the top three reasons people file for bankruptcy, even if they have health insurance. If you’re struggling to pay your medical bills, continue reading to learn about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Pre-bankruptcy Counseling  Federal law mandates that you must attend ninety minutes of approved credit counseling […]

A Bankruptcy Lawyer Gives an Overview of Chapter 11

With the current economic situation, it’s common to hear a bankruptcy lawyer talk about a business filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. What is Chapter 11? It allows the debtor to liquidate or restructure debt, and it usually involves larger amounts of money than Chapter 7 or 13. Who Can File Chapter 11? Both businesses and individuals […]

A Bankruptcy Lawyer Discusses Chapter 13

When it comes to bankruptcy, Chapter 13 is the second most common filing behind Chapter 7, according to a leading bankruptcy lawyer. What is Chapter 13? It lets you sort out your finances while protecting you from creditor harassment and wage garnishment at the same time. Eligibility One eligibility requirement is that you must have […]

A Lawyer Explains the Myths and Truths About Chapter 7

Filing bankruptcy is complicated and confusing to most people, especially when there are several myths about the process. Myth: You can decide which debts to list in your bankruptcy filing. Truth: You must list all debts, even those owed to family and friends. Myth: It’s a good idea to max out your credit cards before filing. […]

Six Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Chapter 7 Lawyer in Tampa

The decision to file for bankruptcy isn’t easy, but it is one of the best options for getting out of debt. Filing for bankruptcy is complicated and below are reasons you need a Chapter 7 lawyer in Tampa. Deciding on the Right Bankruptcy Filing An experienced lawyer will confirm if Chapter 7 is the right choice […]

How do you know when you need a stock fraud lawyer?

If you have been the victim of broker misconduct, you may be wondering if you need a stock fraud lawyer. Here are just a few things that indicate that you need to obtain the services of an experienced stock fraud lawyer: Your broker was involved in bond fraud & misconduct. If your broker did not […]

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